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Head of Product Design

About You

Would you like to build a team and lead the design process for a new information browsing experience? We're building search for children. This is an opportunity to rethink core UX paradigms for the next generation of internet users whose preferred method of interaction is touch and video, not clicks and reading. We're building a tool that will play a key role in the first 10-years of a person's life. What Google has become to grown-ups, we're building the go-to resource for children to look up anything they're curious about.

We’re looking for an experienced product designer who also has experience hiring and managing other designers. You do not need to have previous experience in voice design, search, or knowledge tools; but we are eager to geek out with you on this space as we explore it.


The Role

Our journey begins at the center of this problem: the power of a great explanation. We have a bunch of core insights about how to explain things, the role that visuals play in great explanations, and what's unique about explaining something to beginners. We're re-thinking videos by designing a new format for narrative media.


The authoring tools for narrative media are as important as the consumption tools—they reinforce each other; so we're designing the two in tandem. And we're focused not just on consuming a single narrative media at a time, but the whole search and discovery experience for a child.

As the Head of Product Design, we'll be looking to you to wrap your mind around the problem space, hire a designer or two to work closely with you, lead design sprints, prioritize prototyping efforts, and collaborate closely with engineers and the leadership team. We're expecting that you have experience doing all of these things.

Keep in mind that we're designing an experience for children to use. We actually consider it a good thing if you have not designed for children before. Instead, we're looking for someone who has experience designing for consumers generally, but not necessarily for kids. However, it is a plus if you have experience and interest in children. And, since we're a remote company, you'll need to figure out how to get in-person time with children. You'll need to spend time with 3-year-olds and 9-year-olds to get a sense of the differences between those ages. You'll want to put the latest prototype in front of kids and observe with your own eyes what they struggle with.

The Team

You’ll be the first person on the team with the words "product design" in the title—but you’ll work closely with five builders who all get what it takes to make a great product. Everyone on the team is a previous founder. Our two engineers optimize for building a prototype quickly so we can get something in the hands of real customers to test an idea. On our team we have an expert on explaining things to children, our Founding Explainer. He is a continual advocate for making the user experience simpler and not stopping until customers are wow’d. Our CEO, also an expert on children, is the first person to pick up a pencil to storyboard a possible user flow or kick off a brainstorm with the team for how we might solve a problem. And our founding designer is a generalist who has designed famous brands, fashion, marketing, and experiences. He has some experience in product design and will be a thought partner on the design process, but he's looking to collaborate with a product design expert.

Keith, our CEO

Keith was the co-founder and CEO of Mystery Science which sold to Discovery Education in 2020. Mystery was well known for it’s unique go-to-market strategy that many other edtech companies copied. Prior to this, he was a product manager at Facebook, first leading News Feed and then leading Messenger. Keith is an experienced entrepreneur who has started and had exits for multiple companies. As a colleague, he's an engineer, a designer, a growth hacker, who obsesses over creating great products that customers love. He's also a dad with two boys who will soon be customers.

Anand, our Founding Engineer

Anand is a full-stack product engineer. He was previously at Mystery as the growth lead. There, he was instrumental in developing core aspects of the company’s strategy for acquiring customers which contributed it to becoming the most widely used resource in schools across the country. Prior to Mystery, Anand founded three companies including a consumer app company that acquired 20M users. He's a generalist engineer with a special talent for quick solutions to problems and finding creative ways for a product to spread. He's also a dad with one daughter who loves to test our products.

Nick, our Founding Engineer

Nick is also a full-stack product engineer who specializes on the mobile side. He previously founded a company building a collection of iOS and Android apps which acquired more than a million installs. He was also an early engineer at Brightcove with expertise in video and audio. Nick has a strong product sense and with three young children of his own, he's well calibrated on kids.

Doug, our Founding Explainer

Doug was the co-founder and chief of content at Mystery. With a decade of experience designing curriculum, he is an expert on pedagogy and has developed a unique approach to explaining things to children. He also became a national celebrity with children and elementary teachers, known widely as “Mystery Doug”. On our team he's instrumental in shaping our approach to content, explanations, and for keeping us all calibrated on children.

Luke, our Founding Designer

Luke was previously the Creative Director of DesignStudio, a design and national branding agency known for creating brands that consumers love. He’s a design generalist experienced with brands, marketing, events, and even founded a clothing line early in his career, Percival, which is popular in the United Kingdom.

The Company

At The Explanation Company, we are setting out to tackle a challenge of enormous size—we’re building out search for children. Children have been left behind by web browsing and we are going to fix this. By making it possible for children independently look up anything they're curious about, we think this will be one the most important tools ever built. Children have already submitted more than a million questions to us, so we know what they're eager for. We are building creation tools for making narrated visual explanations, and we are recruiting a community of explainers to create explanations for every question.

We're a well funded startup so we have the runway to pull this off, but we're early in building the team. Our culture is fast-paced, focused on getting things done. We make big plans, identify the core assumptions in those plans, and take small steps quickly to try and validate those assumptions. The amount of work we need to get done with the small team we have is a little nuts, so we have to find clever shortcuts to pull this off. If you're looking for work-life balance, this isn't the place. At this early stage you'll have a big scope of responsibility, but it also means that things will come up at odd hours and you'll be the go-to person for those.

Our culture is one where the fun of the work comes from solving hard problems with amazingly talented colleagues. If your core motivation is to "work on something that's good for the world", this is not the place for that. That's not our lens so it would be better to find an education or healthcare startup. We are a proud for-profit company, although with a very-long term mindset. We'll achieve our impact by reaching as many children as we can, while generating a healthy profit in the process.

To Apply

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