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Kids Technology Internship

The founders of The Explanation Company and Mystery Science are offering your class a free kids technology internship.  It will help students learn about what “product managers” do at a technology company and help The Explanation Company get valuable feedback from real kid users.  

To participate, students will

  1. Install the free Lava app on an iPad or iPhone.  To download the app, search “Lava Friends & Videos” on the Apple App Store or here is a link: 

  2. When the app asks students for their first name add INTERN after it without a space in all caps.  So if your name is Carlos, you would type CarlosINTERN when it asks you for your first name.

  3. Add 2 friends from your teachers class 

  4. Call friends at least 2 times to play Roblox or just hang out.

  5. Bring your ideas for how to make the app better to a special Zoom class where Mr Doug Peltz (Mystery Doug) will join for feedback.

Ready to get started?  Simply fill out this 1 min application acceptance and you will be set. 

Questions?  Feedback?  We welcome it!  email David at

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