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We're simplifying the internet for children.


Children love their devices.


Devices are great for games & shows, but…

Kids don’t just want to play games and watch shows all the time. They're curious and social, just like adults.

As a grown-up, it’s easy to take the internet for granted. When you have a question, you pull out your device and instantly look things up. Children can’t. Searching the web, skimming results, picking the right page—this is too difficult for children. And when you make a new friend, it’s easy for grown-ups to exchange contacts to keep in touch. Children can't do this either. They struggle to contact a friend outside of school. The internet needs to be made into a tool children can actually use.


The internet is too difficult for children.

We’re building Lava, a browser & communications app for beginners. Now, children can independently find information and communicate with friends. Our initial users are kids who love playing video games, in particular, Roblox. When we've reached millions of these kids, then we'll expand to support every interest. The internet is one of the most important tools ever created. We are ensuring children will be able to fully benefit from it.

Kids playing Roblox

Focused first on kids who love video games


A browser and communications app for children



The company was founded by experienced entrepreneurs. Our founders sold their previous companies after reaching millions of children. They raised a $9M investment led by Andreessen Horowitz, and a team of experienced builders joined together to solve this new problem.

We are motivated by moving fast, thinking big, and building one of the most important new apps for this next generation. There are nearly a billion children who are now online with their own devices. Most people don't realize that the fastest growing audience of new internet users is kids! Join us if you want to help.


An accomplished team of builders is behind it all.

We’re simplifying the internet for children. Want to join us?


Job Openings

We're looking for accomplished builders who want to create one of the most popular and important apps for this next generation.

hiring an experienced Rails programmer to lead our efforts in building a fast and reliable API backend that scales with our product growth.

Don’t see the right position for you?

Reach out anyway and tell us how you can contribute. We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join us.

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