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We're building the internet for children.


Children love their devices.


These devices are great for playing games & watching shows. But...

Kids don’t just want to play games and watch shows all the time. They’re curious about things. They would love to look things up, just like you do whenever you have a question. But children who are 10-years old and younger don't use browsers. They don't search the web because it's just a bit too difficult for them. Typing search keywords, skimming the results, picking the page that has what you’re looking for—this requires an adult reading level.


We're making search for kids.


Enabling kids to explore their interests.



You know that feeling when you figure out something you wanted to know? Or that moment when you master something you were struggling to do? These moments are huge! They result from pursuing our interests.


It’s incredibly important that children develop their interests and passions. Often the passions that our kids have are not ones that we as parents share, so they're hard to facilitate! Yet any spark of interest may turn into a lifelong career. We’re making it possible for children to look up anything they’re curious about in order to go deep on their interests.


Soon, children can lookup all their questions.


Show me


The world is incredible.

Most questions children ask, grownups aren’t sure how to answer. The key is to show, not tell. You can explain anything to a child, in a clear and compelling way by showing them, not just talking at them. And children ages 10 and younger have a conceptual ability that far exceeds their reading level. Narrative media is the most powerful tool for explaining things to children, but there’s a real absence of content available to them. We're creating narrative explanations for every question children have.

Visual explanations for everything


Finally, kids can search.

We’re building the missing internet for children.

There are nearly 1 billion children in the world today and most of them now use an internet device. We’re collecting every question children ask, and we’re  enabling children to explain each one. We think this will be the most important learning tool ever created for children.

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Wanted: Thoughtful, Curious People

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